Eye Catching Colour.

Adrian Eppel — Colourist

0421 203 817


Adrian Eppel is a Colourist and Post-Production Specialist.

He runs one of Melbourne’s newest and most prominent colourist lounges, specialising in Post-Production services.

With a strong focus on colour, he brings years of grading experience into all of his projects. His keen and well-traveled eye brings a fresh point of difference to the industry. Adrian’s goal is to make colour not only accessible and understandable to his clients, but also a necessity in the film, TV and social media industry moving forward. His background as a colourist has exposed him to several hundred commercials.

Adrian Eppel is also a Film Director.  Having directed several short films and documentaries already, he has begun directing TVCs and developing ideas for long-form narrative work.


Adrian Eppel — Colourist
0421 203 817
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